Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Been Awhile.....again...

Alright, I understand. It's been a very.....very..........very long time since I've posted anything. Many things have been going on recently, mainly, Winter quarter at SCAD. It was way beyond brutal as I had senior film to attend to as well as a refreshing MEL scripting class that certainly taxed my brain cells. The senior film got a nice dose of the attention, but it's still not quite all there yet. There's still a good bit of lighting and rendering to be done and a good amount of animation fixes. It'll be posted as soon as its polished and ready to go.
I'm now in Spring quarter, taking portfolio and post production for senior film classes, so I might have some work from there to post in a bit.
On another note, I did get together a rigging reel recently, so that'll cover showing off the final Rupert rig as well as a MEL/Python scripting project I've got going, among a couple other rigs and animations (most animations are not mine). So for now, enjoy that, and I'll have another post shortly......I hope.