Thursday, August 27, 2009

Final Character Design and State Inspection

Phew! It's been a long week. Most of the week, I ripped my hair out trying to get my character design finished for my senior film. For the most part, the design is finished thanks to the help of many opinions from friends and family. I got to the point where I was drawing practically the same face over and over again, but they were all different. I went through quite a few renditions but finally got what I wanted. I still have a good bit of development to finish up, like color keys, set designs, aesthetic discourse, etc. It's a good bit, but hopefully I'll make quick progress. My parts did arrive for the Volvo, as well. As of now, I've only replaced what was absolutely necessary, since my car failed MD state inspection the first time around. Fortunately, it PASSED! I thought replacing the rear shocks would've been the hardest thing to tackle that day. Turns out, it was replacing the front license plate brackets instead, which required dismantling a good portion of the front of the car and a few extra hours :( I also have to continue maintenance with the rest of the parts I have, which could be a couple days of work... Then I need to begin gearing up for the trek back to school in a couple of weeks. Until then, here's the final character design!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Characters and Car Parts

Haha! Success...kind of... I haven't forgotten about my blog quite yet! Well, more character development is at hand. I've gone through a few designs (not a ridiculous amount by any means) and I've got a reasonably close idea of what the character might look like in the end. Again, I won't reveal too much yet, but the designs I posted hopefully will convey the proper ideas without explanation. That would certainly prove whether the designs are working or not! They're still not finalized but they should give an idea. I've gotten some opinions and I believe I may be on the right track, but who knows...
On another note, tomorrow, a slew of car parts will arrive on my doorstep, for a serious tune-up to my "new" '87 245 Volvo. She's not a sports car by any means, and I didn't buy her for that reason, but I'd be surprised to find anything more practical. Yes, when I called this blog "Tinkering with Motion", it wasn't strictly animation related. My gearhead side occasionally comes out to say hello.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

See how well that went?

Wow, I did it again. Dropped the blogging like a hot potato. Well, once again, I'm giving it another shot.
I'm going to try and keep this thing updated as much as I can.
I'm going to try and keep this thing updated as much as I can.
I'm going to try and keep this thing updated as much as I can.
Here's hoping! I should have plenty of material to post as I'm right in the middle of developing my senior film for animation, among many other things, such as rigs, non-animation projects, inspirations, blah blah. So first thing's first:
As I'm on summer vacation, I've been attempting to develop a story for my senior film. I won't divulge everything yet, but my inspiration came from a trip I took to Italy to visit family members in early June. I've got a couple of ideas working at the moment, but they're not remotely finished. Storyboards and Character Designs are next for them. Otherwise, I've finished a Robot character rig for a friend and should theoretically be animating him as well. Here's a bit of media to spruce up the post.